Frantoio Agostini Alfredo - Quality for Tradition

Frantoio Agostini LogoSince 1945 Agostini family produces high quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in its own Frantoio (Oil mill) by selecting olives from Marche region, in particular from Fermo and Ascoli Piceno area.

Our olives are still harvested by hand, pressed within twenty-four hours, wiht a cold-extraction system. Result is an EVOO rich in polyphenols, that give it strong antioxidant qualities.


Der Feinschmecker Award

Our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is, also, born from the most scrupulous attention we use in production, from the strict compliance to health and hygiene standards and from a wise application of better technology into our tadition.

EVOO is Mediterranean diet main condiment. This diet is recognized as the most balanced for those who want to watch their fitness and especially their healt.

beacause it is obtnained from fresh, intact and selected fruits. 

because it is extacted without using chemicals.



Watch the video of pressing and bottling:

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