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Agostini olive oil mill in Petrioli


Our history


Agostini olive oil mill history in Petritoli is a great story of passion, tradition and excellence. A journey started for 70 years: an activity handed down from father to son, now to the third generation.

The Agostini olive oil mill, matching a heritage of tradition and innovation has produced an unique and unforgettable oil Ensuring a high quality. Today Agostini olive oil mill’s business has grown further, the company has achieved significant results, for exemple : Agostini olive oil mill Agostini has been included among the 200 best olive oil mill in the World by the prestigious German gastronomic magazine "Der Feinschmecker”.

The Agostini family moved from grain cultivation to Extra Virgin Olive Oil production in 1945. The three principles guiding our passion are : quality, sustainability and innovation in the absolute respect of our land. We have submitted our Extra Virgin Olive Oils to strict quality standards, achieving numerous recognitions also for the economic sustainability of our products. We offer the highest quality at competitive prices because we think the pleasure of good food and of healthy eating should not be a luxury good. Our company project consists of : “A company that gives to Sustainability and Biodiversity the importance they deserve ". The certification application of Extra Virgin Olive Oil submitted in 1999 was recognized in 2002, then after three years of canonical evaluation. In 2010 we decided to eliminate the old energy systems for renewable energies investing in a photovoltaic plant positioned on the roof of the olive oil mill.

In 2012 we installed a plant that extracts the “nocciolino di sansa” of olives. A 100% natural and ecological biomass fuel . Today, we know well that the obstacles we deal with our project are still many and difficult, but we are happy with what we have achieved with our humility spirit of sacrifice. We look forward to the future with optimism and dreaming of a healthy agriculture
and fully Eco-Compatible.

Frantoio Agostini

The Territory : Le Marche

The company is located in the Marche region, in the center of Italy, in the heart of La Valle dell'Aso, between the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Where the air is fresh and clean and the climate is ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. The intense green of fascinating hills and the enchanting blue of the sea are the predominant colors of a wonderful Landscape that characterizes the territory from which the olive oil tradition of Frantoio Agostini comes from. Here, since Roman times, the art of knowing how to do has developed and in 1945 Alfredo Agostini began to produce extra virgin olive oil dop in a little olive oil mill. Currently the company is managed by his son Gaetano, together with his sons Marco and Elijah, and his brother Maurizio.
Le Marche