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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Petritoli


An Eco-Compatible and High Quality Product


Gaetano Agostini has been able to reproduce in his olive oil mill a process to obtain an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Petritoli, genuine as one time. Gaetano Agostini personally selects the best quality olives and scrupulously checks every single step of the working process to achieve and guarantee an authentic quality oil and inimitable taste.

In Agostini olive oil mill, the harvest of olives is carried out by manual method and the milling takes place within 6 – 12 hours after harvest, For cold centrifugation, obtaining an oil with more amounts of antioxidant substances such as polyphenols, vitamins and carotene, precious allies for a healthy life. The product Agostini is a handicraft product, realized in a combined process of tradition innovation, with the highest quality standards, in the health and consumer protection. Agostini Extra Virgin Olive Oils are bottled in the absence of oxygen and in addition of nitrogen, for a better preservation of the product.

The passion of the Augustinian family was rewarded with the excellent results achieved, obtaining numerous national and international awards. Every type of Marche’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Agostini olive oil mill production, adds flavor to every convivial moment and seduces all those Food Lovers in search of authentic gastronomic experiences Made in Italy, in this case “Made in Marche”.




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